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Impress your visitors!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression on visitors who come into your office. An optimal audio video arrangement of your building starts at the reception desk.

A central digital signage player that displays new information or business videos in a fun way or a pleasant background music that plays in the waiting room, or an adequate public address system. All of this contributes to a professional appearance and operation of your entrance hall or reception desk.

Contact our Solufak experts and discover quickly what your audio video possibilities are! We focus your space with:

>> Image solutions

  • Beamer | Projector | Laser LED
  • LED Wall | Video wall | OLED | Flat screen

>> Communication system

  • Digital signage or digital information board

>> Smartbuilding or Building automation

  • Background music and broadcasting systems

>> Audio solution

  • Professional audio
  • Free advice or a concrete project?

Contact Solufak >>

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