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Audiovisual media for your conference room

Conferences, seminars or panel discussions on the agenda? Larger meetings set their specific requirements in the field of audiovisual techniques.

Ask yourself the following questions: do my speakers need voice reinforcement? Do I have to provide a monitor? Does my guest speaker use Clickshare or do they wish to present wirelessly? Does your audience need a wireless headset with simultaneous or non-simultaneous translation?

Get the advice of a professional! At Solufak you can go for a customized AV solution!

Contact our Solufak experts and discover quickly what your audio video possibilities are! We focus your space with:

>> Image solutions

  • Beamer | Projector | Laser LED
  • LED Wall | Video wall | OLED | Flat screen
  • Smart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Wireless presentation ClickShare, Kramer Via, wePresent

>> Communication systems

  • Audio & video conferencing Conference calls
  • Video stream

>> Smartbuilding or Building automation

  • Automation & home automation

>> Audio solutions

  • Professional audio
  • Microphones
  • Conference system or Voting and discussion system

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