Install audiovisual video conferencing apparture | Solufak, your expert for video conference hardware and software | Fast and efficient installation video conference system

The video conference room of the future

Are your meeting rooms in urgent need of an upgrade? Do you have to organize a conference call on a regular basis and does that not always go smoothly?

Thanks to Solufak's video conferencing solutions, you can count on a stable installation. With the latest unified communication tools our experts help your employees to connect quickly and optimally!

With just a single press of a button, you can use the automation to darken the room, turn off light and project your presentation onto the video wall, all while you are directly connected to your colleagues or customers. Are you ready?

Contact our Solufak experts and discover quickly what your audio video possibilities are! We focus your space with:

>> Image solutions

  • Beamer | Projector | Laser LED
  • LED Wall | Video wall | OLED | Flat screen
  • Wireless presentation ClickShare, Kramer Via, wePresent

>> Communication systems

  • Online meetings via Skype for business or StarLeaf
  • Audio & video conferencing Conference calls

>> Smartbuilding or Building automation

  • Automation & home automation

>> Audio solutions

  • Professional audio
  • Microphones
  • Conference system or Voting and discussion system

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