Digital signage during your coffee break? | Setting up a coffee corner with audiovisual media Solufak, your expert for av solutions and audio video equipment for your coffee corner

Appointment to the coffee machine?

Decorate your coffee corner with a digital information board, a flat screen, a video wall and some background music. During their break, employees watch the coffee machine to which new products or events are coming. A perfect moment to quietly catch up or meet informally with your employees. Customers or applicants can - with a coffee in their hand - follow a company video that simultaneously reflects a pleasant and professional atmosphere at the office.

Do not miss this opportunity and ask Solufak about the different options.

Contact our Solufak experts and discover quickly what your audio video possibilities are! We focus your space with:

>> Image solutions

  • LED Wall | Video wall | OLED | Flat screen

>> Communication systems

  • Digital signage or digital information board

>> Smartbuilding or Building automation

  • Background music and broadcasting systems

>> Audio solutions

  • Professional audio

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