Control room, control room equipment with audiovisual media | Video wall control room | Solufak, your expert for the audiovisual installation in your control room

Technical equipment for your control room or control room

For the optimum functioning of your control room, you depend on qualitative observation and monitoring images 24/7. Solufak takes care of the complete technical design of your control room and equip your employees with a permanent operational system of video walls in high resolution, controlled by intelligent control room software.

In control rooms, there is little room for technical interruptions, so we provide sufficient back-up possibilities and an excellent service.

Contact our Solufak experts and discover quickly what your audio video possibilities are! We focus your space with:

>> Image solutions

  • Beamer | Projector | Laser LED
  • LED Wall | Video wall | OLED | Flat screen
  • Smart Interactive Whiteboard
  • Wireless presentation ClickShare, Kramer Via, wePresent

>> Communication systems

  • Online meetings via Skype for business or StarLeaf
  • Digital signage or digital information board
  • Audio & video conferencing Conference calls
  • Video stream

>> Smartbuilding or Building automation

  • Automation & home automation
  • Background music and broadcasting systems
  • Room reservation system

>> Audio solutions

  • Professional audio
  • Microphones
  • Conference system or Voting and discussion system

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