Video Walls

A video wall gives the impression of a single large screen, but is actually composed of multiple OLED or LED displays. Each screen is controlled separately, which gives a lot of possibilities.

A wall of 25 LED screens as eye-catcher of your entrance hall? Finishing your control room with a high-end video wall? Want to buy or lease a LED video wall for your point of sales?

Video walls for retail spaces, control rooms, events and offices, that is Solufak's expertise. As an audiovisual expert we listen to your needs and wishes and we provide the best visual solution!

What is a video wall?

A video wall gives the impression of 1 spectacular large screen. In reality, a video wall consists of multiple LED screens - also called video panels or video tiles - with an ultra-thin screen frame (bezel). The energy-efficient OLED or LED screens can all be controlled together or separately so there are many possibilities for displaying your advertisements or communication. Creative spirits also design special shapes and effects with the different LED screens.

Want to buy a large screen or video wall?

Solufak's experts are happy to advise you on your choice. Depending on the desired size, buying a video wall is a more interesting choice than buying one large screen. Why? The price per surface area is cheaper and a video wall has many more possibilities. You can adjust the layout per screen and  the pixel density is higher. The image quality can not be matched by a large screen.

Why choose a professional video wall from A-brands such as Samsung, Barco or LG?

  • The separate displays offer consistent brightness and color, high contrast ratio and ultra high definition picture quality
  • The white balance and gamma calibration can be set more accurately per monitor
  • High durability for long-term use
  • Sunlight or artificial light does not reflect on your panel
  • Easy to manage displays with specific video wall software (all-in-one content management)
  • Streamlined design and user-friendly

What are the benefits of a video wall with OLED technology?

  • OLED is a new display technique in which millions of built-in LEDs generate light themselves
  • The display does not need backlighting, so it is very light and thin
  • Uses only little energy 
  • Brightness and contrast are even better than with LED screens
  • Screens are pliable and can take any shape
  • Makes a strong impression for your company or event

Would you like more information about video walls?

Why choose Solufak?

Solufak advises, installs and provides a perfect after-service on your products. Thanks to our years of expertise and knowledge of the AV market, we help you with the appropriate audiovisual solution for your office, retail space, control room or event.

  • Advice: Solufak offers an AV solution tailored to your business
  • Quality:  Solufak opts for the best brands and high-end products
  • Service: Solufak installs and maintains your AV installations
  • Safety:  All our employees are VCA certified
  • Flexibility: SME mindset

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