Digital Signage

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Digital Signage

The market for digital signage flat screens is evolving at lightning speed. Do you want to install a flat screen, TV or monitor in your meeting room, auditorium, conference room or store? Or are you looking for a video wall for both outdoor and indoor applications? OLED and LED screens are on the rise and the prices are becoming increasingly attractive. Upgrade the visual communication in your company and unpack with the latest digital signage flat screens!

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Digital Signage LED screens

Digital signage LED screens have numerous advantages.

  • A digital signage LED screen offers bright colors with a lot of contrast
  • Light has no effect on the quality of the images
  • A digital signage LED screen can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It is sustainable and energy efficient
  • There are many flexible set-up options (straight or curved)

Digital Signage OLED screens?

OLED screens also have their own advantages as a digital signage screen.

  • OLED is a relatively new display technique in which millions of built-in LEDs generate light themselves
  • The monitor screen does not need a backlight, making it very light and thin.
  • An OLED screen uses little energy
  • The brightness and contrast is even better than with LED screens
  • An OLED digital signage screen provides a real wow factor for your company and event

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